Welcome to BethDigital's Student Business Expo (SBX)

BethDigital's Student Business Expo (SBX) is a business conference & networking event with the goal of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and financial literacy in students and their families. It will be hosted at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center, Boxborough MA on October 27, 2018

Although everyone is welcome, the SBX was specifically designed for students with no prior experience nor interest in entrepreneurship.  It is for parents that understand the value young adults get out of learning how to be leaders, critical thinkers, problem solvers and better decision makers in general.  Students will have the opportunity to sell products (or advertise services) directly to the public, either for a profit, and/or to help other kids in need, by raising funds to benefit their favorite charity organizations.  


Visitors: Please come and support students and enjoy Entrepreneurial Workshops for both kids & adults, Virtual Reality Demonstrations, Girls Self Defense Demonstrations, Mask Decorating, Power Wheels Play Park, Mobile Escape Rooms, Live Martial Arts Demonstrations, Costume Contests & more!  Mark your calendars!

 Students , PTO & charity groups can sell products and advertise services to attendees, while others attend & learn about the different facets of entrepreneurship & productivity via guest speakers, workshops, etc.  CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT IDEAS!


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  • I would be delighted to share this information with my students and colleagues. Hopefully we will be able to generate interest for what appears to be a stellar event with a good cause.
    Stellar Event
  • We will be attending the expo whether or not she is approved as this is a wonderful event you guys are putting on, this is great for the kids!
  • It's actually going to be filled with all kid and student vendors too! I'd imagine it's going to be very interesting.  I'm definitely going.  I'm excited to see how it turns out.
    Im there
  • So it's an expo offering kids education in entrepreneurship and financial literacy. I've been so waiting for something like this!
    I can’t wait

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Entrepreneurship is more about LEADERSHIP, than it is about starting a business. Developing leadership skills early will give benefits that last a lifetime. Its something we all need to learn - and the sooner, the better

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Entrepreneurship is about building leadership skills to help them achieve their goals. Leadership gives them the confidence to take action in order to build their lives rather than just merely to live it

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Entrepreneurship is about developing critical thinking skills. Its something we all need to learn - and the sooner, the better

It's not what you think

It's about teaching kids that they can learn to be effective decision makers in order to work through problems

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Entrepreneurship is about building confidence. Its something we all need to learn - and the sooner, the better

It's not what you think

It's about giving them the confidence to make decisions - the confidence to stand up for themselves - the confidence to be themselves and to do the right thing

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