about us

The purpose of BethDigital’s 1st Annual Kids Business Expo is to foster leadership, confidence, and financial literacy to students and young adults. Student/Kids typically learn at a faster rate than adults, they are very impressionable, and clearly capable of more than we often give them credit for.  As parents, how can we expect our children to discover their true potential, if we do not introduce them to ideas beyond their skill level?

Entrepreneurs Are Leaders & Job Creators

“Entrepreneurs hold the promise for America.”  While having a college degrees certainly create opportunities to find a job, it is initially “Entrepreneurship” that creates the jobs and coincidentially, the backbone of our economy.  Right now, your kids are smart, curious and have all the free time in the world.  In terms of entrepreneurship, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. That is why the primary goal of the KBX is to build on to traditional education that our children receive from school, while simultaneously giving them the necessary skills needed to foster Belief, Leadership and Financial Literacy.  We believe that …”introducing them to entrepreneurship as early as possible, is the first step in giving them the confidence  to build their dreams, make a difference, and if we’re lucky, it could possibly help them fund the ever-increasing costs of a college education!

OUR STORY  – We are a small group of Parents, Teachers, Realtors, Investors, and Entrepreneurs, and we’re always sharing stories about what was it that made the idea of entrepreneurship look more and more attractive. Whether it be the stories where we share concerns for friends and relatives that found themselves hopeless after losing their seemingly secure jobs, or early on finding ourselves unemployed, under-employed, or quite simply not having a passion for what we did…we felt that learning about Entrepreneurship early on, would give our children a clear advantage if they had the option to build something for themselves (and their families) if the day had ever came where need to.  Join us at BethDigital’s 1st Annual Student Business Expo, and let us help you be a part of that difference!