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Thank you for your interest in being a student vendor. Registering it’s easy as 1-2-3.  Spaces are limited therefore it is important that you submit your application as early as possible.

Click here for PTO/PTA registration

1) DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION AND SCHOOL FLYER.   Complete and return the student vendor application by FEB 28, 2018, then your child will be ready to move on to the selection process (approved stedents will be notified via email).  SHARE THE KBX SCHOOL FLYER  for your child’s school, PTO and community boards.


KBX Student Vendor Registration Form

2) RESEARCH DIFFERENT TYPES OF PRODUCTS YOUR CHILD CAN SELL (business ideas).  You may already see serveral benefits that kids and young adult get from discovering in entrepreneurship, but “what could they do? What can they sell?”   Great question! Keep in mind, that practically everything you purchase in stores are manufacturing by a different company.  Most stores are not inventing anything;  They are not creating anything new.  Although they are not creating anything new or original, they may only be selling the same items in new or original ways.  Think of Starbucks or McDonalds; It could be argued, that the only thing original is the logo or the business model.  That being said students are not expecting to reinvent the wheel..but if they do that’s even better.

At this point, you should trying selling a product (or service) that you can buy (or produce) at a low cost.  “Free” would be even better.  Speaking of “free”, there are a whole host of informational products that students (with your help) can produce for practically nothing.  Try to explore products/services to help people: Help Save Time; Help Save Money; Help Save Lives; Help Save Food;  or Help Reduced Waste.


3) RESEARCH DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE WAYS TO PACKAGE YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE.   The way your product (or service)  is packaged or presented is just as important as the product itself – maybe even more important.  When people purchase a something, they’re not just paying for the product.  They want to feel good about the special care and handling of the product from the creation, all the way to the presentation (or delivery).


4) DECIDE ON A LOGO THAT BEST FITS YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE.   Your logo is very important.  It’s one of the quickiest ways that customers identify your business, what it stands for, and the productS and services you sell.


5) DECIDE ON A BUSINESS NAME.  Pick a name that best represents what you plan to sell, your target audience, or the unique way you want to sell it.  Be sure that your business name is nice and catchy.   Keep in mind that there are serveral companies that sell the same product.  The name of the company is the only way people know who they are buying from.  The way customers choose a business to buy from, is based on how they feel the company identifes with them.


  • Sit down with your child now to start brainstorming products they can sell.    
  • Complete and return your registration form
  • Try to envision an innovative way to present or decorate your vendor booth and the possible items you will need for your display itand the possible materials you may need. 
  • Keep in mind that if you plan to resell, most products will need a minimum of 30 DAYS of planning to get the most benefit out of being a vendor at the event.