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The SBX event organizers have reached out to all of the local schools to make sure we have a healthy variety of student vendors and attendees at this venue.  We also have designated vendor space for PTO/PTA groups to help them  raise funds for much needed school supplies, activities and at risk programs like music and sports.

How does your school receive cash awards?

Schools must be registered online in order to be eligible to earn and cash awards and students must be associated with a school in order to register for the chance to be selected as a vendor.  That way, when students from your school win any of the several competitions during the event, your school earns cash too.  When they win, your school wins!  Your school’s PTO Coordinator will receive an email notification that lists all students that have earned cash awards at the SBX for best vendor display and other competitions during the event. Checks are mailed out to schools May 1st 2018.

Student Vendor Application Process 

In order to attend as a vendor, students (with help of their parent(s)/guardian(s)) must complete several steps in order to prepare for the expo.   All students under the age of 18 must register with a parent or guardian in order to participate.  Although there are no costs associated to apply to be a student vendor, only a select group of students from each elementary/middle/high school and college will be approved to be a student vendor.  Vendor registration ends MAR 15, 2018.  Vendor approval notifications with start Feb 1, 2018.  Approval will primarily be determined by:

  • the assistance available to them via parent or guardian
  • the description and child’s ability to explain the product or service they plan to sell
  • the number of students selling the same or similar products or services at the event

Depending on the product or service they intend to sell, students will likely need 2 weeks to plan and prepare in order to get the most benefit from being a vendor at the Students Business Expo.  Keep in mind that these time frames are only estimates as students can often work on two or more of the following tasks simultaneously, depending of the amount of family support available to them.

AD COPY LITERATURE                                [1 day – 1 WEEK]
DISPLAY CREATION                                     [3 days -1 WEEK]

Application deadline for the SBX student vendor selection process is fast approaching. Please communicate to all staff, PTO and students that may be interested.  Student application forms can be found here


1. Can Home School Students participate?   –  YES,  The purpose of SBX is to get students exploring entrepreneurship before they complete their education.  We believe that entrepreneurship is an overlooked, but necessary part of that process in order to give them a practical understanding of the world we live in.  The earlier they learn these creative life skills, the more likely they are to enjoy success after graduation.  That being said, the event is beneficial to public in general, but more readily useful to students of any age.

2. Can students change their planned product/service before event?  – YES, but all exhibitors are hand selected in order to ensure that their is a healthy variety of products and services while minimizing redundancy. Although student vendors will not be allowed to sell products or services that have not been previously approved, they are allowed to make changing as long as we are notified 2 weeks prior to event date.

3. Exactly how old does my child need to be in order to participate?  Great question!  First of all its never too early to start advocating entrepreneurship to kids because if we like it or not, they’re always learning regardless of what we think.  As long as they are enrolled in school we would love to see them at the KBX.  That being said, to get the most of the student vendor program, your child should, at the very least, be in the second grade.  They should also able to understand the product/service they are selling,  and be able to explain its benefits.  Students under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parent/gaurdian.

4. Is there a fee associated with being a student vendor at the event?  Absolutely NOT.  Although initially, there WAS a fee associated to be a vendor, we decided it should be free of charge to make it easier for students to participate…but because we only have a limited number of vendor booths, you will need to register with your child before any consideration.  If selected,  you will be contacted via email on October 15th.

5.  What Difference between student vendors and regular vendors? I assume adults are regular and under 18 would be considered students? No, many students are adults as well.  Regular vendors are established businesses.   If your business would like to attend or be a sponsor for BethDigital’s Students Business Expo, please visit the EXHIBITOR’S page.

If you are interested in being a student vendor at BethDigitals Students Business Expo 2018 please download and return the STUDENT VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM which can be found here.   Vendor welcome instructions will be sent out upon approval.

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