What to sell

“Yes I get it.  Learning about entrepreneurship helps develop financial literacy, critical thinking skills, leadership skills, & self-confidence. Being a vendor is the best place to start, but what if  my child is not interested? OR better yet, what would they/I sell?

Great question!  Many adults typically do not make intentional choices to develop themselves and neither would students.  Why would any child choose to take it easy on the snacks, eat their vegetables, limit their screen time, or go to bed early just to get an early start for tomorrow?  If it were solely up to them, they’d have pizza for breakfast, fried donuts for dinner, and stay up all night binge watching the entire 6th season of Games of Thones.   As parents, it is our job to love them, protect them and point our kids in the right direction.  Who pays for their iPhone bills, their WiFi, the food and their college education for that matter?  Who is the parent and who is the child?  What is good for them is not up to them.  As the parent, it’s up to you!  Below is a list of things, college, high, middle & elementary students can sell and make $$ selling at the Student’s Business Expo:

– Original Created Products:
Hats, Bow Ties, T-Shirts, Scented Candles, Scented Slime, Scented Soap, Bathbombs, Stress Balls, Custom Doll Clothes, Jewlery, Refrigerator Magnets

– Clearance/Discounted Products:
Discontinued Products/Discount Stores/ Going out of Business Sales (ex..ToyR US), Craigslist’s Free Stuff Section

– Wholesale/Bundle Lots products: (ex Fidget spinners, SD Cards, iPhone cases,  packs of 10/50/100 FROM SITES LIKE – Amazon.comeBay.comBulq.comCloseoutcentral.comAlibaba.com and more

– Services:
Baby Sitting/ Pet Care;Dog Walking, Event Singer, Catering, Landscaping, Uber Driver, Tutoring, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Video Photography, Caricature, Florist, PC Repair, PC Instructor, Phsyical Fitness Instructor, Video Editor and more

– Media/Digital Products:
Downloadable coloring books, Apps, Templates for MS Office/Photoshop etc, Digital Comics, E-Books, Recipes, Instructional Videos & other Informational Products (distributed via CD/DVD’s or downloadables)

*For created items,  remember that you can also take orders. You can bring a few units for show, an order form, and use your booth just to take orders or generate feedback/interest for a product or service.